Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another One...


  1. Hi Rick, very nice! great thorns. I think if you and Glenn and I all photographed the same thorns, they would all come out differently. I'm afraid to post any photos of gardenias now since he published that ultimate gardenia the other day, but we all have a different touch and so the outcome will be different. thanks, sp

    1. Thanks Sussah, I'm happy you like it! :-) I agree they would probably come out differently--but I think that's great (better 3 different pics than 3 pics that look the same!). I know you're only half-serious, but Glenn would probably agree that someone's awesome treatment of a particular subject shouldn't stop anyone else from having a go at it. Photographers strike me as being a lot like drummers--they recognize and respect that we each have our "own thing" (something we each do that nobody else can touch), they encourage each other, and the "big ones" *never* look down upon the "small ones." If that makes any sense...! ;-)

    2. you're right, Rick, I think everyone who wants to has the opportunity to make a unique contribution. thanks, sp