Monday, October 03, 2011

Anatomy of a Bad Day

1. Go to bed early the night before. Get lots of sleep.

2. Wake up with a headache.

3. Drive half way to work, and then remember that you have an appointment to get your car's safety inspection done.

4. Drive back to town, take your car to the service station, and pick up a replacement car for the day.

5. Drive to work. Realize that you left your office key with your car keys.

6. Have university staff open your office for you. Make coffee and prepare for work.

7. Realize you have left your glasses at home. You can't read anything without your glasses, so you can't work.

8. Drive home to get your glasses.

9. When you arrive home, remember that your house key is also with your car keys--at the car shop.

10. Drive to the car shop to get your keys.

11. Drive to your house to get your glasses.

12. Drive to work.

13. Have lunch.

14. Wonder what else you've forgotten to do today...

A few hours later...

15. Try to remember the color and make of the replacement car. And where the fuck you parked it...


  1. And it's at a time like this when your friends will pipe up and say, "You need to keep a little pad with you to write things down." And you're just too tired to reply that you can't remember where you left that either.

  2. the whole 'key is with the car keys' dilemma is one I ahve also flummoxed myself with - glad not to be alone in my idiocy!
    hope you have a better day today!
    (i flew hoe to alaska from singapore through Narita yesterday and thought of you as i did).

  3. Glenn,
    Yeah... You know what really does me in? It's usually some tiny "break" in my normal routine (the phone rings, whatever). The domino effect these minor events have is staggering...

    I'm usually pretty on top of things like keys and such (but see my reply to Glenn...). What really bugged me was that I'd had the best night's sleep I've had in weeks, for nothing!
    Glad you thought of me! Hope you had a good trip.

  4. Exactly. With me, it's getting when I'm getting ready to leave the house. I have in mind what I'm going to do and what I need to do it. Bobby then starts rattling off a checklist of things he thinks I need to have. I end up walking out with half of what I need left behind.

  5. Glenn,
    Damn the person who asks me a question as I'm getting ready to go out!

  6. This is when it's advantageous to be obsessive-compulsive... you're already prepared for such a day! We used to tease my mother about how large the purse gets over time. Mine now is not so much a purse as a bag. Lots of compartments, and every compartment has only one function. Keys go in one spot, each pair of glasses goes only in one spot, etc. We're going on a trip next Sat., and have already started arguing about who is carrying what, in what bag. Oh yes, also, the family desk calendar. there's a lot going on! very funny piece, but sorry about your bad day. sp

  7. Hi Sussah!
    Thanks. I don't carry a bag (!), but I like pants and shirts with pockets.
    Cooler weather means a jacket--more pockets!