Friday, June 03, 2011

Random Crap on the Beach: Buoys


  1. Hi Rick, a google of "random crap on the beach" (in quotes) retrieves these last two photos of yours! Actually, that surprises me. very interesting, and a I liked those numbered tetrapods too. thanks, sp

  2. Hi Sussah,
    Google is very clever, but that's awfully quick (almost scary). I wonder what someone with no previous "connection" would get for the same search term...
    Glad you liked the pics!
    BTW: I like your new template, but I can't seem to click through any links (to comment, etc.) at all on your site (Chrome or Firefox, work or home).

  3. Thanks Rick, I'll see if I can figure it out. sp

  4. Sussah,
    It's the weirdest thing. For some reason your page isn't loading correctly in any browser or computer I try.
    What I believe is probably a sidebar is appearing at the bottom of the page; I can mouse over and click through any links there.
    But the in main part of your page, links (comments, etc.) do nothing on mouse over or click.
    I can see other people have commented on posts, so it looks like this is a problem unique to me--which makes no sense at all (on different computers/browsers).
    If nobody else is noticing anything, don't worry about it! I'll try to figure it out from my end.

  5. Hi Rick, thanks for this very interesting information-- it's not unique to you, several people made comments to me that they couldn't click anything depending on the browser (IE is OK for the functions) but your description of it working on the footer is a change from how it had been. I think they are cycling through some issues or something. I'll try to get it settle down but if it's completely beyond my control, you could look at it through google reader, which seems to fix whatever is wrong. I appreciate your looking! sp