Friday, June 04, 2010

Side of a Mountain


  1. Hi Rick, This is very exotic, and including the cone really defines the rest of it in terms of scale and color. thanks, sp

  2. Hi Sussah,
    This is actually a pretty typical "side of the mountain" scene in Japan. Because of earthquakes, landslides after typhoons, etc., pretty much every mountain, riverbank, beach, etc. has been re-inforced with concrete. We get pounded with this crap repeatedly, every year. Hardly anyone dies or gets hurt. Foreigners like me complain about the ugly scenery, but a day after Katrina Miyazaki was creamed by a huge typhoon--there was some damage and only a few lives lost. These things are *routine* here. Katrina/New Orleans involved a special set of circumstances, of course, but probably would never happen here.
    Having said that, the scenery here kinda sucks sometimes!
    As for "exotic," well, I notice what I notice!

  3. I like the "echo" between the cone and...whatever that big blackish shape is...a stain?

  4. A.D.,
    The shape is wetness from water running out of a small pipe at the top. It may be a permanent stain. The concrete re-inforces the mountainside, and there are a lot of pipes running (presumably) from the top of the mountain and out the side to help avoid landslides after typhoons/heavy rain.