Friday, May 08, 2009

Dead Queen

Feeling a bit brain-dead tonight, so maybe nothing but tunes. And really, with musical tastes like mine, can that be such a bad thing? [/ducks flying beer can]

I mentioned Espers briefly in a post a couple of years ago. My recent brush with hippy-dom ("hippy-ness"? certainly not "hipness"!) got me to thinking about them again. This would be great hippy music!

Imagine... oh, The Velvet Underground meets Fairport Convention, with a smattering of Queen-inspired guitars (or some fucking shit like that). Pretty and haunting at the same time...

Espers-Dead Queen
Alt. Link

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  1. Yikes, you had me worried there - but Queen E2 is probably going to be around after I'm pushing up the daisies - she just goes on and on.