Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wondering Aloud

It's funny how nobody at the Stormfront site is comparing Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler. I mean, if anyone could recognize "the next Hitler" it would be those guys, right? Do you suppose they voted for Obama? Just sayin'...


  1. LOL!

    Never thought about that. What a quandary for them, when every other wingnut in America can't wait to make that comparison as a way of insulting Obama.

    Another schism! I love it.

  2. Brendan,
    Obama is all things evil to every flavor of wingnut. It's really quite a spectacle! Good for a laugh, too.

  3. K - you'll enjoy this story and its ramefications...


  4. Tafkass,
    Yes, I'm somewhat aware of that story. Proper thing if you ask me, although I don't like to see innocent people harmed or lose property as a consequence.