Wednesday, November 19, 2008



  1. ooh, those look suitably juicy - I take it they're some kind of citrus fruit?

  2. a little bit of country in the city? Lovely.

  3. AV,
    They're a bit like a cross between an apple and a pear (in English maybe they're called "Asian pears"), and they're very tasty.

    Actually this was taken in the countryside, but inside a greenhouse-like structure (where they were also growing grapes). Fruit tends to be very high quality and very expensive here, so they leave nothing to chance.

  4. They sell them here--probably not like those, though. Fruit tends to be very low quality and very expensive here. Again, leaving nothing to chance.

  5. Pierre,
    Yeah, I remember thinking fruit was expensive back in the old country (except for bananas, too expensive for me to buy, anyway). Then I came to Japan. One of those nashi in the picture will set you back about five bucks. There isn't really any large-scale farming here; mostly mom and pop growers. If you drive by an "orchard" (not likely to be more than a few acres large) you'll see trees on which every apple (for example) has been covered with its own protective "blanket".