Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'd rather cut my own legs off...

...than wear "mantyhose!"

I mean, come on, do these guys actually expect to get dates? (Er, with women?)
It's quite practical in some ways. It prevents chafing, for example, when horse riding or cycling, but it's also a good alternative to bulky underwear if you need some warmth.

"Chafing?" "Bulky underwear?" I don't chafe, and I don't mind the cold. You calling me a sissy? And besides, what kind of idiot woman wears pantyhose when she's horse riding or cycling?

Mantyhose, man-bras, men's mascara, skirts and dresses for men... Maybe someone should clue these marketing geniuses into the fact that any man who wants to wear a woman's clothing is going to go for the real thing. And, seriously, I don't have a problem with that.


  1. I do not hold with mantyhose or any other kind of hose. What's wrong with socks, I ask?!

  2. AV,
    Indeed! Although it might require a radical shift in women's business wear...

  3. There is nothing gay about men wearing pantyhose. It's just another clothing item. I've known successful men who wear pantyhose and they've gotten successful dates as well. Grow up people.