Saturday, June 30, 2007


You know, if it weren't for other people, I probably wouldn't give a shit about anything. Why do you torture me so?

Actually, I'm only half-serious (or half-joking, take your pick).

I've noticed for a long time now that people (and I mean "people" generally, my friends, co-workers, etc.) seem to be much better at recognizing my faults than they are at recognizing their own. They certainly talk about mine (to me) more than I would consider polite to talk about theirs...

Queens of the Stone Age would sound a lot better with different production. As it is, I hear a lot of good ideas and no emotion. They should listen to Burning Brides.

I saw two movies on TV this week. The first, Deep Blue Sea, sucked. The scene where Samuel L. Jackson's character gets snatched by the shark during his "pep talk" was pretty cool, though. The second, The Weather Man, with Nicolas Cage and Michael Caine had some good ideas, but ended up being kinda sappy. When Cage's character had the bow and arrow aimed at the guy who "stole his wife" he should have pointed and shot his father.

I've been sucked into the plot of Lost. Severe disappointment must be on the horizon...

Forget about Oscar Wilde's comment about America, Japan is a country based on "decadence". When people look at a living creature and say, "doesn't that look yummy?", well...

Speaking of Japan, people all over the country (including me) received their "summer bonuses" (about 2-3 months salary) today, for doing nothing...


  1. Mr. Kyklops, you do always make me think indeed. Once again, I am behind on my reading but in catching up, all your post leave me with something to say.

    The "No Laughing Matter" post was . . . oddly facinating. The more I thought about it, the more I thought how much like fiction it read, how convinced I was that that was indeed the joke. And even though it wasn't funny, it did resemble good good humor in that it had about seven different layers of humor.

    And thank you for the Thinking Blogger referrals. Always nice to read new blogs that come highly recommended from good blogs.

  2. Hi GT,
    Sorry for the lag-time in replying to your comment (I don't spend much time online Sat/Sun).
    I know what you mean about the different layers to that story. Too many layers for me to properly keep track of, really. I'm happy I'm not the only one to see it...

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