Monday, January 18, 2010

Safe Place


  1. Oh, so reminiscent of my childhood!...

  2. Oh, they are bigger than I thought! They actually make me not safe at all. They look so cold, so threatening, so alien... who built then and when?

  3. Psephis,
    I'm mildly surprised. Are these "tetrapods" common along the seashore in Greece too?


    Those things are called "tetrapods" and they're a common sight all along Japan's coastline. I guess their main function is to break waves before they hit actual land (erosion is a big concern in Japan).
    I've never heard about any accidents, but I imagine it would be easy get hurt if you slipped and fell while climbing over them. I also imagine it would be pretty easy for a child to crawl in between them and maybe get stuck as the tide was coming in. As I mentioned, though, I've never heard of such a thing happening. I never take my eyes off of my daughter when she's around them...

  4. Tetrapods - what a perfect name for monsters!

    I re-read my previous comment and was ashamed to find so many mistakes (and I can't blame it on my keyboard...).

    Thank you for giving me a briefing about tetrapods. But I am not totally convinced yet. To me, they still look like aliens leftovers.

  5. Well, Rick, you can see them in some places, but it wasn't them that brought back memories. You see, for us, adults, a tetrapod is a tetrapod, a car is a car, a house is a house and so on. For children at your daughter's age or thereabout, all that surround them trigger their imagination which then, turns reality into magic, a dreamy place where everything seems to be possible. I think that's what I saw in the photo with that place seemingly serving as a stage for your daughter's unfolding imagination ... and then, it might be just me projecting my own nostalgia.

  6. Psephis,
    I see what you were getting at now. Yeah, I vaguely remember "magic" places...