Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Note to Self

You haven't been playing drums/music at all lately. Best get on the horn to the guys and get some jammin' together before your brain turns completely to mush. Yeah, Miyazaki (and probably most of Japan) kinda sucks when it comes to gigs for middle-aged guys doing classic rock shit, but there's always the rehearsal space. Playin' is playin'. Get that bass drum pedal you've been pining over for the last few months. Spend the money and you won't want to see it wasted gathering dust in the closet. Get those practice CDs done up and pass them out to the boys. How can you hope to make them see your musical vision of "post-psychedelic death folk" if you can't give them some idea of what it might sound like? Buy some new sticks. There's nothing like holding a brand new, un-nicked set of sticks... testing the weight--which one for which hand? ...testing the balance for a nice, loose grip... a few light, tentative taps on the snare and hats... Now they're nicked...


One, two, three, four...

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