Thursday, October 08, 2009

I Can't Help It, Stuff Just Comes Out of My Mouth

The circumstances surrounding the incident are irrelevant, but today during one of my classes a student asked me how to spell the word "divorce." As an English teacher and would-be cultural emissary, and as an idiot who could never resist a "straight" line, I did what comes naturally to me. Older readers have probably already guessed what I did. As for the rest of you, do I have to spell it out?

During the ensuing awkward silence I was consoled by the fact that this particular group of students will never lose a spelling bee on the word "divorce." That's the kind of effect I have on students...


  1. How did I know that it ended in song? Is it sad, too, that I find Tammy Wynette at least somewhat attractive?

  2. Susan,
    My students certainly learn something. What, exactly, nobody's sure...

    Why would it be sad to find someone attractive? Hell, that twang in her voice, all by itself, makes her interesting to me! Not as sexy as an Irish accent, mind you, but hey...