Wednesday, October 14, 2009


My daughter turns seven later this week, and shichi-go-san (lit. 7-5-3) is coming up next month, so it's time to go for the customary expensive-as-hell photos of her in a kimono. (Don't worry, this isn't one of them!) As usual, we were only permitted a couple of minutes away from the set to take some personal photos. I've been playing around with layers lately, so I thought I'd try this as a way to show the kimono with a less intrusive background. I still need a lot more practice.

The shots we'll have printed are really very nice. A lot better looking than this:


  1. Very early-twentieth-century-American looking ... Steichenesque.

  2. Glenn,
    I had to Google that name! (Hey, I'm just a rube with a camera!)

  3. I like this effect, your eye really is drawn to the b&w background in spite of the full on subject colour... hope your wee daughter has a great 7-5-3!

  4. Nasim,
    I'll pass on your good wishes to my daughter. Thanks! It's actually her 7th birthday this Sunday, too, so she's a bit of a handful right now, if you know what I mean...