Sunday, October 11, 2009

Have you ever noticed...

... that when anyone in the band fucks up onstage they always look back at the drummer? It's worse, even, than the ball player who looks disgustedly at his glove, or the tennis player who gives her racket a dirty look, because we drummers are people, dammit!

So our guitar player makes up a little promo thing for the band and sends it to me:

This is the entirety of the message he included:
You're not really in it, Rick. Sorry. But I like it.
Further proof, Ladies and Gentlemen, as if any were needed, that guitar players lack the ability to count to fucking four, yet still think everything's "cool" because they "like it"!

And in case you're reading this, Colin, have you and the boys given any thought to my suggestion of switching to an all Backstreet Boys format?

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