Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Other Night


  1. Beautiful but a wee bit spooky - a hint of some divine streaking perhaps... it is Easter, after all.

    ps. word verification is 'beadboxi', which is quite the loveliest word ver i have come across.

  2. ... it is Easter, after all.


    I'm eating my dinner right now, so I don't have the patience to track down the post, BUT, if you search this blog for posts with "japan" and "jesus" you should find incontrovertible proof that Jesus actually spent his last days in Japan. [Funny thing: my spell-checker recognizes "japan" but not "jesus"--there it goes again!]

    Google's verification words seem to be becoming more interesting and thought-provoking. A sure sign that we're all losing our minds. ;-)