Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jumping Jack Flash

First time I've seen this clip, and the music is a great alternate version of the classic. Worth checkin' out if ya dig The Stones.

Now have a beer...


  1. Jagger never really knew where the line between self-promotion and self-parody lay. In your "Jumping Jack Flash" I fear he looks like a dick - in this example below, he gets it right.

    Hope you're well, btw.


  2. Thank you for this..and I will...

  3. Tafkass,
    Certainly the video you link to shows Mick in his more "classic" look, and yeah, the make-up thing is kinda lame. BUT, this was a version of the tune I hadn't heard before--and really, it's all about the *music*, isn't it? ;-)
    I'm doing as well as can be expected fo a cranky old fart, thanks! Hope you're well also.

    Hope you enjoyed both the tune and the beer!

  4. The makeup only looked unexpected on the others, not Jagger, to me. Very good performance of the song, though, which I hadn't heard before. And I, too, enjoyed that and a beer. Thank you very much.

    PS: the comments link, just for this post, doesn't show on the home page, had to come to the post page to find 'em.

  5. Decker-san,
    Yeah, it was the alternate version that led me to post it. Glad you enjoyed.
    The "comments" thing seems to be an intermittent Blogger bug.