Sunday, April 12, 2009



  1. Okay, I'm curious. What makes the purples in your photos so dominant? Is it the camera, or are you pushing the saturation? Or is my monitor dying?

  2. Glenn,

    To be honest I hadn't really noticed the dominant purples. Do you mean in some shots or in most of them generally? It's also possible that they're there, but I've become habituated (or I'm going blind, or I'm a psychopath, r something!!).

    I can say this much about it, though. I find that photos (mine, anyway) change their appearance from monitor to monitor. I have a pretty good monitor at work (much better than the one I have at home), but when I edit photos at home they often look rather bland and washed out on my work monitor. Frequently when I do stuff a home I perhaps over-compensate a bit for this by trying to make all the colors appear *deeper* than they are in the original shot (I don't usually mess with color balance much, but I will pump the shit out of brt/cont and drag things down with curves, etc.).

    Of course sometimes it is just the camera settings (shutter speed/night/etc.), ambient light, etc.

    Just curious: do they look shitty on your monitor? Be honest, please, because this kind of thing tends to drive me batty!

  3. No, no, no, not shitty. I think it's a matter of monitors myself. I know I can see a color shift down here whenever I print - in fact, my prints have a purplish overtone that I never intend. I always used to put that down to the type of photo paper I use.

    Don't get me wrong, I like them. I was only wondering about the shifts in tonal qualities.

    Weird, eh?