Wednesday, February 07, 2007

For the Birds...

Well, after some initial problems with email, I submitted my entry to the Short Fiction Contest at The Moon Topples. There are some great stories there waiting to be read (scroll down a bit), so by all means head over and check them out.

While I try to get back into "blog mode", here are some more thematically linked photos for you to look at.

A bird of many colors.

Six birds on a rail.

Bird on a wire.

Plague ship?


  1. Where can one find your story to read it?

  2. Glenn, until the contest closes all the entries are anonymous. For now, if you want to read mine you'll have to try and pick it out from all the others. When the contest closes the authors will be made public, and I'll also post my own story here.
    Why not check some of the stories out anyway? :-)

  3. Peace Kyklops,
    That's not fair! They should have listed the authors! (I guess it is fair.) I am gonna go read and see if i can pick out yours.

    Sorry haven't been in creative mode lately, totally missed this deadline :(

  4. Maliha,
    I hope you enjoy the stories. There are some really good ones there.
    I'm sure your "muse" will return soon, so don't fret!

  5. I just sent one in, too. That was fun. Thanks for telling me about it.

  6. Excellent! I look forward to reading it! Good luck!

  7. Good luck with the comp! I like the bird theme too - maybe that ship smells like garbage.

  8. Thanks Mr. Angry! Yeah, it looks like a passenger ship/ferry, but there was something there the birds wanted...