Friday, December 07, 2012

New Orleans... in Miyazaki

Spotted this bar while taking a shortcut the other night...


  1. That's great! But I'm afraid that even 200 miles from New Orleans (or less) when they start calling it New Orleans food, it sort of misses the mark. I rarely get the fried oysters out of town for example, I would usually be disappointed. If you go there I hope it's good! thanks, very nice neon photo, sp

  2. Yeah, what Sussah said. But it should be mentioned that New Orleans has sushi and tofu, too.

  3. The kind of sushi I like to get is over on Prytania, they make a shrimp/crab roll, then deep fat fry the entire thing and cut it into small pieces and put hot sauce on each piece!

  4. Kyoto Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, 4920 Prytania Street,
    The item is either Dynamite Roll, Spicy Shrimp Roll or Crunchy Roll (I think) ... you'd have to read the descriptions which are on the menu. I used to get something called a Sara Roll but the new fried one is better. And I ask them to cut it into smaller pieces so there will be more topping, plus I just cant eat the huge slices in one bite.

  5. Thanks, S. I'll give it a go ;-)

  6. LOL! Thanks Glenn and Susanna, now I know where to get good Japanese if I'm ever in New Orleans!
    I guess I should have mentioned a couple of things. First, beyond the name, this place neither has (nor, I'm pretty sure, makes) any pretension of a connection to New Orleans at all. It's just a name. Second, "snack" in the context of Japanese bars refers generally to a place where guys go to get served by and to chat with pretty women. There are different "levels" of these places, depending on how much money one wants to spend (from the outside, and from the location, I'd guess this one is "mid-level"). I should also mention (because I know you're wondering!) that there is generally no buying and selling of anything except booze and pleasant company at these places, although there are always exceptions...

  7. I really didn't know that meaning of snack! thanks, sp

    1. Susanna, just so you don't get the wrong idea (LOL!), these places are called "snacks" because upon entering and sitting down, various snacks are placed on the table/bar. You are expected to pay for these even though you didn't order them and may not even like them.
      The closest thing to a "bar" as we generally think of them is a "shot bar." You order what you like and pay only for what you've consumed. These tend to be like North American hotel bars.