Wednesday, February 29, 2012



  1. That is fine. (I'm using "street" patois here.)

  2. Thanks Glenn. :-)
    A minor secret: for a couple of days I was in possession of a very nice SLR. Some friends wanted me to take pictures of their wedding party and loaned me their camera. Unfortunately, for the 3 days I had the camera, it was either raining or I was too busy to take photos. I ended up with about 2-3 scattered hours where it was just me and the camera. I only got a few half-decent shots because I was more interested in seeing what that camera could do! Bottom line: I want one!! And if more people start asking me to take pics, by golly, I'll get one!! ;-)

  3. Start saving your pennies. You'll have enough to get one in no time (and you won't regret it).

  4. Oooh get a SLR Rick. I've got a digital one, but I'm finally starting to mess with the non automatic settings and there is a lot of fun to be had.

    1. Oops! Missed this comment, Michele! The one I (briefly!) had was a very expensive Canon. I want one just like that! :-) Since my family is taking a trip to Canada in a couple of weeks I'm afraid I'll have to wait a bit longer to get one... :-(