Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Outdoor Life


  1. Reminds me of an all-too-common site around here after Hurricane Katrina when all our homes had been washed away, and we laid around, scratchin' and fartin', while we waited for the Federal government to put the walls back up.

    It also puts me in mind of this pornographic cowboy movie I saw not long ago where they put the big brass bed out in a cow pasture. Must have saved on the cost of electricity. Go green!

    'Course, whatever they saved on lighting, they must have had to spend on keeping some wranglers around to make sure the cows didn't wander into camera range.

    You know how cows can get on a porn set.

  2. Glenn,
    I came across this quite literally in the middle of nowhere a couple hundred yards from the ocean. What struck me was how lived in the scene appeared...
    Yeah, cows on a porn set... They just won't stop looking... And that moo-ing...

  3. I have to tell you, this picture brought this one to mind.

  4. I can see why, but there's quite a (factual) contrast between the two, isn't there?
    I would imagine there are (almost literally) thousands of scenes similar to yours up around Tohoku.

  5. Please tell me you don't think I'm playing competitive catastrophe. I don't mean to sound like that.

  6. Glenn,
    Not at all, buddy! My shot is not from any catastrophe at all (well, possibly someone's personal one).
    I only meant (offhandedly) that there are likely a lot of scenes similar to your shot in the north of Japan.
    I'm very aware of your feelings about Katrina shots you've posted.