Friday, February 18, 2011



  1. I do believe I'm beginning to discern a comprehensive vision in your pictures, Rick. I like it. I like this picture very much, too.

  2. Glenn,
    I'm very glad you like the pic. If you could send me an email outlining my "comprehensive vision" I'd really appreciate it!! ;-)
    And thanks again for your constant encouragement. Seriously, buddy.

  3. Actually, Glenn, I'm sending you an email. It may take a day or two...
    Because I love you, buddy...

  4. Hi Rick, I love and appreciate Glenn too. This world is so hard, so unappreciative, and he's like an unfailing source of compassion. But back to your beautiful tree, there is an Asian-looking oak tree at the end of my street that looks a lot like this. It's had a hard life, but at least it didn't end up down in the road, like a lot of its contemporaries, getting buzz-sawed out of existence FEMA. thanks, sp

  5. Sussah,
    Glenn will likely blush at this, but his comments and encouragement are are a (if not *the*) major reason I started getting a bit serious about taking pics. It may not always be obvious (or it may be just poor execution on my part), but I riff off of his stuff all the time.

    I started that email, but then got drunk and fell asleep!! I've been too busy or tired to finish it. Maybe this Friday night! Thanks as always, buddy!

  6. Aw, you're both too nice. And, Rick, I totally understand where you're coming from about the email. I've been there, my brother.