Thursday, November 11, 2010



  1. Looking at your Twitter feed, the Reptilian conspiracy business originates with David Icke, The Bushes, the Windsors and the Rothschilds are all actually reptiles if we could see them properly according to him, or maybe it has to with them being in the fifth dimension.

  2. Yes! Um ... to the picture, not the alien lizards. (A "home health administrator turned physicist who specializes in the science of creation"? Excuse me?)

  3. Susan,
    In the early days of the internet I was an avid follower of this sort of thing--not as a "disciple," but as a fascinated observer. My favorite is still the guy who believed that everyone (every last person) in a ten square block area of his New York apartment were government agents observing and recording his every move. What is the germ that plants this stuff in peoples' minds?

    Thanks. And, hey, everyone has to do *something,* right? ;-)

  4. Hi Rick, I like the way city pictures usually have a supplied title embedded in them. and, although I'm not sure what "no" means in this context, that doesn't matter, it's an appropriate title all around! thanks, sp

  5. Hi Susanna,
    I'm not really sure what the "No!" means either, but it saved me having to think of a post title!