Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I've Been 'Tagged'...

My new friend Maliha over at Lightness of Being... has sent me a meme tag. Maliha, I usually hate this kind of stuff, but in the spirit of friendship, good international relations, world peace, saving the whales, and plugging the hole in the ozone layer, I will play along. ;-) I'll need a bit of time to figure out which of my friends to 'tag'. Here goes...

I am?
an outsider, a stranger in a strange land
I want?
to live forever
I wish?
England would win the World Cup; my beloved Boston Bruins would win the Stanley Cup
I hate?
Japanese-style pizza (potatoes and mayonnaise on pizza? gimme a break!); intolerance
I miss?
my father (who never got to meet his grand-daughter); Canada
I fear?
anything bad happening to my family
I hear I am not?
a very nice guy
I hear I am?
a very nice guy
I dance?
only when it's absolutely necessary! (except with my daughter--anytime, anywhere)
I sing?
goofy Bugs Bunny-style 'opera' tunes to my daughter ("Figaro" is her favorite); old Rolling Stones tunes when Japanese friends drag me to karaoke
I cry?
when nobody's watching, about really sappy things
I am not always?
aware that I've acted or spoken unkindly
I make with my hands?
very good sandwiches; a nice, spicy chili; silly play-do creatures with my daughter
I write?
these days about my love/hate relationship with Japan; generally about things that interest me or make me concerned
I confuse?
nobody intentionally, but probably many accidentally
I need?
some time alone (maybe more than most people)
I should?
work a lot harder to improve my Japanese; quit smoking
I start?
umm...what time is it now?
I finish?
umm... when do you need it?


  1. Salamaat,
    Thanks for participating in this very *girly* ritual into blog friendship:) and yes, we are a step in the right direction of world peace, the ozone layer etc.

    ewww...potatoes and mayo on pizza?! wow...

    sigh..i feel like a stranger everywhere i go now.

    i miss my dad too:(

    hugs and kisses to the lil princess:)

  2. Maliha, I won't even go into what they put into sandwiches here... Actually, there's a lot of great food here, it's just that anything that originally came from elsewhere is always... er, changed...

  3. Now I could be mistaken but it seems we talked about the mayo pizza last time. And here you mention sandwiches also as not quite right. So it seems like your bread 'n' toppings is poorly understood there, because pizza is just a grilled cheese sandwich writ large.