Monday, September 05, 2005

Damned Weather

Well, I was scheduled to be flying home for a visit to Canada tomorrow, but there's this big honkin' typhoon parked off the southern coast of Kyushu that seems determined that I postpone my trip at least one day (I'm in Miyazaki, which is about a half an inch northeast of the typhoon's eye in the image on the right). Normally these things blow through in a few hours, but this one seems to be just sitting there taunting me. Typhoon-like conditions began here about 24 hours ago, and it looks like it'll be another 24 hours before we're rid of the damned thing.
Generally I view typhoons in a favorable light. They're always good for a day off work, or cancelling annoying outings that you don't really want to attend. This is the first time in seven years in Japan that I can honestly say I have been inconvenienced by a typhoon.


  1. Yes, I wondered how this would impinge on your trip.
    I am tired of bad weather. Apparently it's going to be a cold long winter here, bla bla.

  2. I don't have a webpage about self-defence supplies, unfortunately. My self-defence supplies are my own business.
    What's the news in M-zaki?
    Update! Or else.