Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Remember Pearl Harbor?

Yeah, I do. It was a pretty shitty movie.

But seriously... No, fucking seriously...

No, (really) seriously, on a more serious note: I haven't seen any Japanese crying on Oprah yet.

Doubleplusgoodserious: I don't imagine (Japanese) family members of quake/tsunami victims will be turning recent events into an opportunity for financial gain/fame/general cry-like -a-fucking-baby-you-poor-little-victim assholedom.

On a related but still ever-so-seriously serious note that serious people will take seriously:
Maximus Serious Assholius: A poem!!


1 comment:

  1. This earthquake and tsunami have nothing to do with Pearl Harbor, Rick.

    I've had it on good authority that it's God's judgment on the atheists of Japan.

    Just like Katrina was His judgment on the gays of the French Quarter. (So, okay, granted, He missed; at His age, the eyes start to go. Say, come to think of it, maybe this time He was really aiming for the Communists of China before they overtake the good old U S of A.)