Wednesday, March 09, 2011

In a Pond


  1. Okay. One word: Monet. Look it up. No criticism, I think this is gorgeous.

  2. Thanks Glenn. I'm glad you like it. Actually, this one was quite "conscious." (I'm not a complete artistic philistine, previous correspondence notwithstanding!)

  3. It's pretty! the Monet part is identifying the colors on the surface of the water, and being literal about presenting them. the point being nature is as pretty as Monet paintings. very nice, sp

  4. I really appreciate your reflection shots. The colors here are welcome to my winter weary eyes!

  5. Ok that's it, can't you just take one crap photo. Just one! Great and yes, Monet does come instantly to mind, which is what makes this so fantastic.

    ... and of course I don't mean it about a crap photo.

  6. Sussah,
    Thanks. I wasn't actually thinking "Monet" when I took the pic, but later when I looked at it and started fiddling a bit...

    Yeah, I like the visual and philosophical possibilities of reflected stuff. Glad you like them.

    I'm happy that you like this and other pics of mine, but believe me, there are plenty of (unintentional, of course!) stinkers on the horizon!