Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vending Machines, No. 100

I got tired of looking for a "special" shot for number 100, so here's a regular one:


  1. See me reacting like a Lost fan after the final episode:

    "But it is special! See how he managed to tie all issues in one shot. It was a brave approach, he gave answers but let all the colors there for you to make your own version of the finale. It's religious, but it's not, can't you see how provocative he can be?"

    Just kidding - I loved that. Honestly, it's different from the others. It may have something to do with that giant Jacob's cabin behind the machines ;-)

  2. Hi Rick, This is all-encompassing and a good representation for post #100. And don't let Claudia and me get started on Lost. I'm glad they all got to smile at the end, where else but heaven can that happen? The series finale of Lost was the only thing keeping me from seeing one of the Treme episodes when it was first shown. I don't know if you have access that that HBO show, set in N.O., immediately post-Katrina, but here is a post on the Back of Town blog, which is about the show Treme, that I thought would be of interest to you as an expert outsider. sp

  3. Hurrah!
    It is a special shot, Rick! It can't be just me - look at the colors and shapes.
    Btw, I have found the russian equivalent of your vending machines series: This blog has a rich collection of manhole pictures, among other things.

  4. Oh, and btw, congratulations on your new template!

  5. Claudia,
    Hey, they're just vending machines--put in some coins, get a refreshing drink! ;-)

    I wouldn't say that I was an *expert* outsider (I know next to nothing!). Just someone who's always been kinda interested, having experienced New Orleans vicariously through music, food, friends' blogs, etc.
    We don't get Treme over here (yet), but it looks like a interesting show.

    Those manhole covers are great! Thanks for the link.