Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sin's a Good Man's Brother

A couple of evenings ago I sat through Law Abiding Citizen. I suppose someone looking for something nice to say about this movie might remark that it highlights some contradictions in our notion(s) of "justice." Really, though, it was a pretty crappy movie, not least because the plot was so mind-bogglingly stupid and the characters couldn't seem to decide if they were "good" or "bad" guys, or "good" bad guys, or "bad" good guys, or whatever the fuck.

I was just about to chalk this one up as a couple of hours lost forever in the maelstrom of time, sucked into the vortex of wasted hours, plunged forever into the abyss of stupid things, hurled into the mists of infinite meaninglessness--well, you get the drift--when suddenly the closing credits started to roll by and, behold, a redeeming bit of content presented itself in the form of this classic Grand Funk Railroad tune:


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