Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rusty Pipe


  1. Now, that reminds me you haven't written your Lost post. We are anxious about your opinion on the series finale.

    What labels could you use to go with it?

    "stupidity"? "crime and punishment"? "How old is this guy again"? "bicycles"? "not really relevant to anything in particular"? "gone but not forgotten"? "Miscellaneous"? "lies"? "Trees, plants and Flowers"?

    No, I am sure it will be "vending machines"...(you will be amazed to find out I was right about mixing the final episode of Lost and vending machines!).

    Hum, I would advise you to watch that as soon as possible or you will run the risk of having it spoiled by my anxiety ;-)

  2. Claudia,
    I'm afraid I may have given you the wrong impression when I said that Lost was "next." I just finished Battlestar earlier this week, and I haven't started the 4 seasons worth of Lost I haven't seen. I'm not worried about "spoilers"!