Friday, June 25, 2010

Rainy Season

Being from Nova Scotia, I'm no stranger to rain. Nothing could have prepared me back in 1998, though, for my first rainy season in Kyushu. On the first day it rained, I was quite impressed with the sheer volume of it. I mean, it poured as though the sky really had opened up. By around the second or third day, however, when there had been absolutely no let up in the rain at all, it started to wear on me.

Some years it's not so bad. Last year I don't think it actually rained at all during "rainy season."

This year? Well, it's starting to wear on me. And I don't know how much longer it will be before the dog snaps and starts shitting and pissing on the furniture out of spite. Just this morning I thought I detected an air of insolence about her. I wonder if it's safe to sleep...


  1. You'd never recognize the place now, as it has been (comparatively) dry the past few years. I mean, there's been maybe five rainy days since March or so. Overcast a lot, but not much rain.
    Did you ever come across that story "Rain", by Somerset Maugham? It's not bad.
    There's also a nutty story by Bradbury I think about some planet where it rains all the time. I remember thinking, I guess the author hadn't spent much time in Asia, as he seemed to think that constant, incredible rains would be something that could only happen on another planet. I mean, the man's a genius, but he's written some dreck.
    Oh--I "friended" Leona. She has a greyhound now.

  2. Pierre,
    I'll have to check out the Maugham story--I don't think I know it. I do know the Bradbury story. I think the rainy planet was Venus. It's one of those times when a bit of travel serves to "un-suspend" one's belief.