Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"What this blog is about"

Just for laughs, every once in a while I check out this blog's ranking at Technorati. I see today that this blog has maintained its recent slide into irrelevance and obscurity and is now the 1,121,801st ranked blog on Technorati, with an "authority" of 2.

I'm not especially bothered by this (really, I'm not, I'm not bitter about it at all, OK?), but I guess it's only human to desire a little popularity. I wonder if maybe this blog has an "image" problem. Notice the graphic below:

The first thing anybody sees is "What this blog is about: a bunch of fucking retards." Now, personally, I'd be quite interested in a blog that's about a bunch of fucking retards, but I'm willing to accept that not everyone shares my taste in websites. Perhaps some people might even be offended by the notion of a blog about a bunch of fucking retards. There's no accounting for taste, after all.

So, the problem is clear. One unfortunate tag is giving people the wrong impression about this blog's content (or at least the wrong right impression, or something...). Hmm... What to do?

I know...


  1. Glenn,
    An- alphabetically comes after ab- so that wouldn't help me much. And besides "anus" is amply covered by the "assholes" tag...