Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When Dinosaurs Roamed... Wherever

Yesterday we took a drive down to Kagoshima and checked out a few of the sights around Sakurajima. One place we visited was the somewhat misleadingly named Sakurajima Nature Dinosaur Park (there doesn't appear to be any official site in English or Japanese). This place is essentially a big playground with several "life size" dinosaur replicas acting as slides and other stuff for kids to play on. It's quite a nice park for kids, but not especially educational.

Of course, with all these dinosaurs wandering around you can't expect to leave without incident. Thanks to the fierce struggles of my little girl I was barely able to escape the hungry jaws of this horrible beast.

Soon afterward, however, the foul beast devoured both my daughter and my dog!

As torn by grief as we are, my wife and I did enjoy the relative quiet last night and this morning...

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  1. I remember seeing a particularly discouraged dinosaur exhibit, an indoor papier mache one in a seaside town in Britain in the off season. It was moldering. The dino in the second photo with the unnaturally straight neck is my favorite.