Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's a Mystery to Me

I'm sure someone else in Japan must have asked themselves this question before, but: Why, in Hollywood movies, when people answer their cell phones, does it always seem like they have no idea who's calling? Even if it's their wife or husband or best friend or whoever, they look at the damned phone and just say "Hello?" I swear, I must have seen this happen least a hundred times, and every time it just seems weird and strangely unnatural to me.


  1. For the same reason that, when I answer my own cellphone, I answer it as if I didn't know who was calling.

    I never really thought if it before.

    I do remember once answering my phone when it said that "Liz" was calling by saying, "Hey, little girl, you've finally decided to ditch that clunker you've been hauling around and turn to your daddy for some sweet soft candy?" only to find out that it was "the clunker" using "Liz's" cell because he had misplaced his own.

    That was awkward.

  2. Glenn,
    Heh, point taken. But really, would a "Hi, Liz" seem so odd to anyone? When I see that it's one of my buddies calling I say "Hey, what's up Joe?" or "Hi honey" to my wife, etc. Jack Bauer seems like the only guy in America who always knows who's on the other end of his phone calls...