Friday, January 16, 2009

Hockey Moms Against Sarah Palin

I'm always looking for hockey-related stuff, so I'm a bit surprised I just saw this for the first time tonight:

Now tell the truth: do you know the difference between "icing" and "offside"?


  1. ????

    Okay, am I being incredibly gullible - but one of those women had that accent...for real?

  2. Do people from Alaska really talk with a Minnasotan accent? I thought Palin was faking it like Connecticut Dubya Bush fakes his Texas accent.

    Sarah Palin the Tonya Harding of the tundra!

  3. ArtSparker and Deo,

    When Palin speaks I can't help but think of Fargo, so I know what you both mean.

    "Tonya of the Tundra"! I love it!