Sunday, February 21, 2010

I guess someone told him breast implants wouldn't be covered...

From purveyor of crappy tunes and recent Fox News political strategist, Kid Rock, comes probably the stupidest thing ever uttered by a human being in the entire history of anything:
“I have nightmares sometimes you know. I’m gonna wake up and everyone’s gonna be driving Priuses…living in a condo…we’re all getting health insurance,” musician Kid Rock lamented during an interview with Fox News.
[Damn, just as I was about to vent some bile, I had to put my daughter to bed--she's up late tonight because Mommy is out and Dad's... well, Dad is just being Dad. There ain't no school tomorrow! Where was I?]

Right. So Kid Rock, who's probably a millionaire, has nightmares about people driving expensive Japanese cars, living in what are essentially expensive apartments, and not having to pay for health care. A regular American dystopia. I suppose there is a certain romanticism in those bygone days when people lived in plague-infested shit holes and had to walk 50 miles so the local witch doctor could look at their festering sores and cast spells to get rid of whatever demons might be causing today's shits and coughs...

Speaking of shits and coughs, I'm strangely reminded of an MTV tribute to Aerosmith I once saw on TV. Kid Rock was there, and he did a really shitty version of some Aerosmith tune the name of which I forget. It sucked so bad, in fact, that Pink's version of a different Aerosmith tune sounded positively metal by comparison. In the end, of course, Aerosmith (an actual rock band) came out and played The Yardbirds' "The train Kept-A-Rollin'" and I completely forgot about Kid Rock until tonight.

[Kid Rock, right]

Anyway, if I could afford a Prius, I'd probably get one. I live in a condo, and consider myself pretty lucky, especially when I think about some of the other places I've spent the night. I've had health insurance almost since the time I was born (and in two different countries). It was/is national health insurance. I work. I prefer this to making a shitload of money from crappy music and then trying to convince other people that there's something wrong with looking after their own interests (oh, wait...).

Kid Rock is an asshole.


  1. Kid Rock= NOT philosopher king, got it.

  2. Susan,
    Indeed. Bleh, it's probably not worth getting worked up over this kind of crap, but it's actually pretty offensive when you look at it. The lefties will sing about peace love and understanding, or about injustice, etc. The righties just wanna wave the fucking flag while the world burns. And they'll tell you that "Blowin' in the Wind" is an ode to conservatism.

  3. Yeah, like I'm gonna take advice from a two-bit hick rocker into silicone above all else. He's been down here a time or two. He's "great friends" with the local garbage man, the guy who sprays lemony cologne on the French Quarter streets to make them palatable for the tourists who couldn't make it to Orlando, and who is far prettier than the bimbo from Baywatch. (Sorry. Just realized she's Canadian.)

  4. Glenn,
    Pam's being Canadian is nothing more than a minor irony. I guess it marks me as a lefty that I feel some slight regret at insulting her right breast to make a cheap joke. And I'll take a "bimbo" over an asshole anytime.

  5. Such stupidity distresses me, but you saved it with a laugh at the end--your labels:
    Assholes & Stupid People.
    *big grin*

  6. Fresca,
    I save my best stuff for the tags!