Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Rink of Dreams

This is... beautiful...

The Winter Olympics are coming soon.  While I generally don't have much nice to say about the Olympics, I must say this: the level of hockey at the last few Winter Olympics has been the highest ever. Unlike other "world championship"-type events, we have the best players in the world actually playing their best. I like soccer/football, but the World Cup is nothing but dull games with predictable winners, made even worse by a level of officiating more appropriate to pro-wrestling. Football's league games are a lot more entertaining and competitive than anything I've ever seen during a World Cup tournament. When Canada, The U.S., Sweden, Russia, Finland, and the Czech Republic (along with several up and coming hockey powers) send out their best hockey players, it's neither dull nor predictable. Nor is it decided by the referee.

I'm psyched. Go Canada!


  1. Go... erm... Great Britain? Italy? Hmm... on second thoughts, go time machine so we can fast-forward to South Africa in June, and some real sport.

  2. Although you're right about the officiating in football (soccer), it sucks donkey balls. It's also less than desirable that a team can utterly dominate and yet still lose on penalties.

  3. I didn't say football wasn't a good sport, Tafkass, just that I find league games to be of a much higher quality than World Cup games. And the refs suck.
    I hate the PK (and the shootout in hockey). Overtime in hockey is wonderful. Perhaps football needs to loosen replacement rules/allow for re-entry or something in extra time. Play until there is a winner on the playing field.