Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Down by the River

This blog ain't all FARK links, ya know. Sometimes I (in this case "we") post original stuff.

The Dead Flowers dig Neil Young.

As always: be nice or be anonymous!

[UPDATE: In case anyone didn't know, I'm the hot (but humble!) drummer stuck behind the guitar player from Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley (Dullsville, believe me). You can't see me, that's how you can tell I'm "humble"! By the way ladies, did I mention that I'm free for a couple of days...?]


  1. Oh, hell yeah. You can never go wrong with Neil Young. And regarding your earlier comment: yes, I do love me some Southern rock, and in fact I saw the Drive-By Truckers live about 10 years ago and they were awesome. I can still remember a song they did about the singer's mom getting remarried in Dollywood that was really beautiful.

    P.S. Why does your wife hate the zoom button?

  2. Dave,
    Actually my wife didn't take these videos (it was a fixed camera with board sound from the venue). You might find this post somewhat illuminating, though, regarding Asians and the non-zoom (thanks for making me look so informed and shit, by the way!).

  3. you play it a damned side better than i ever did! ;-)
    so... you're free and i'm incapacitated, damn, ain't that just sod's law for you!

  4. Neil young - that's the Huffington post blogger?

    He does wear well.

  5. AV,
    Sorry to read about your incapacitation (is that a word?). Plenty of rest and beer should do the trick!

    Neil posts for HuffBlog? Must investigate!

  6. Great job, love Neil Young.

  7. "Dullsville"?

    Did you actually say that? I guess "The Hub of Nova Scotia" really puts Tokyo, Paris, London and New York in their place. (In that order. - City afficionados please note I left out Toronto - and yes, that is a shot. I spent a week there, the worst year of my life.)
    Whatsa matta? You don't like apple blossoms?


    You can put me in the cage again, but no locks can hold me!
    I yearn to live free, I must...

    Wait, gotta run, here comes Rick, and he's got that "I mean business" look. Later, all.

    PS:"hot (but humble)"... My old sow's tits.

  8. Rob,
    Yeah, Neil's great. And thanks!