Saturday, October 07, 2006

Kim Jong Il Communication

Sniff... How were we to know? He ain't no delinquent, he's just misunderstood...
[Via Japan Probe]

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  1. Kim's a girl's name - I suspect that's what lies behind all this macho posturing. Still, shame Hans Brix couldn't have stepped in to stop this latest development...

  2. John Brissenden10/10/2006 05:15:00 AM

    Say what you like about imminent Nucular Armageddon, it's a gift to bloggy headline writers. That must be the best Beastie Boys-derived headline I've read all evening.

  3. Shit: Actually I think 'Kim' is his family name (his father was Kim Il Sung...), similar to the Japanese placing the family name first. Poor Hans, he seems to have become a modern day Cassandra.

    John: Sometimes I have nothing to say, so the headline is all I've got... "Licensed to Il" was also under consideration...