Thursday, September 30, 2010


I wasn't going to post this pic, but... ;-)


  1. Hi Rick, Now I know that cigarette butts have their place in fine art. Glenn will photograph and post images of garbage cans ... not everything is pretty. thanks, sp

  2. But I've never understood the vending machines ... Maybe they're just not as ubiquitous as the garbage cans down here.

  3. The vending machines have character! They have personality and spunk! They remind me of one time when we were on vacation out west, near Reno, and there was a vast stretch of dirty dry landscape with a lone bus bench. You have got to love absolute favorite. sp

  4. Sorry, I messed up the codes & links. These are the ones I like best: 1. and 2. sp

  5. Susanna,
    I'm not sure I'd call what I do "fine art," but thanks!

    The vending machines are ubiquitous over here, and I started posting them as kind of a joke. I've grown fond of them and their surroundings, though. And sometimes they make for good photos.

    I think all three of us just post pics of the stuff we see around us--both the mundane and the "beautiful."

  6. I'm not putting down your ve4nding machines, you know. You do know that, don't you, Rick. I just don't see them here. Although, come to think of it, I did catch a glimpse of one day before yesterday in a little bar I never frequent. It was a refurbished candy machine now stocked with cigarettes. The nightmare of every parent: tobacco aiming its wares at the little ones ...