Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The End is Upon Us

That said a lot more than I ever could.

{H/T: Whiskey Fire]


  1. Omigid, Celine! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Couldn't you just die!? She is just so awesome. I'm creamin'!

  2. Glenn,
    You are one sick, twisted bastard. But then, I guess that's what I like about you...

  3. Dear Celine Dion,
    I have to admit, I've been willing to cut you a lot more slack than you probably deserve ever since your impassioned plea to save New Orleans in the days after Katrina on the Larry King show. I felt like I owed you that much. But your free ride ends here, Celine. Leave AC/DC alone!

  4. P.S. Who was that other chick?

  5. Dave,
    I think her name is Anastasia, or something like that.