Monday, December 10, 2007

Public Gardens of Halifax

Busy, busy, busy!! Too busy right now to be giving much attention to blogging. This should change soon. In the meantime, some pics of Halifax's Public Gardens taken during my (now not-so-recent) trip back home in the summer (click to enlarge):


  1. Merkin,
    Thanks, and long time, no see!

  2. loverly
    and such a contrast to what is currently out my window.

  3. Well, yes.
    For a few weeks I was literally incapable of even posting on my own blog due to circumstances.
    Back to normal now.

    PS those gardens are similar to ones in my part of the world.

  4. Taff,
    The pics are Halifax in the summer, but here in Miyazaki it looks like that year-round. I don't miss Canadian winters very much...

    Sorry to hear that you had some difficult circumstances. Hope everything is OK now.
    I'm fairly certain that the Halifax Public Gardens are modeled after similar gardens in the UK.