Saturday, January 26, 2013

On Coming of Age Day


  1. Hi Rick, this must be your daughter on the left? In some ways, it seems that kids grow up faster than their parents generation, but ironically in this era, they resist independence with the need to stay connected on a moment-to-moment basis. this photo is beautifully and lovingly softened. thanks, sp

    1. Hi Susanna,
      I'm glad you like the photo, but my daughter isn't in it. This was taken a couple of weeks ago on "Coming of Age Day," which celebrates young people entering adulthood (20 years). There are various ceremonies and downtown all the new adults are dressed in kimonos, suits, etc.

    2. thanks Rick, that's great, she'll grow up soon enough! sp

  2. Great colors, and your B & W's are great also:-)

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