Friday, October 08, 2010

Yeah Whatever

OK, so like, a year or two years ago, I'm not sure, Japan began fingerprinting and photographing all foreigners entering the country, pretty much just like the United States, if I understand the situation correctly. [Being a Canadian, I've always enjoyed a special relationship with Customs and Immigration in the U.S. No photographs and fingerprints for us. No way! It's the anal probe, or nothing. And that's just the way we like it!] Where was I...? Oh yeah, foreigners entering Japan and getting anally-probed, or something...

So anyway, it's a somewhat annoying process, and I have to admit that it's made even more annoying by the fact that foreign residents of Japan have to do this each and every time we re-enter the country. I'd have to admit further that the rationale behind this procedure--catching "terrorists," is such utter bullshit that it's no wonder some people feel a bit put out about the whole business. In fact, I think the Japanese government could have done itself a big favor by simply stating the real reason it wants to fingerprint and photograph all incoming foreigners (including visa holders and permanent residents): they want to catch illegal immigrants, visa over-stayers, illegal re-entry-ers, whatever. Personally, I don't mind having my credentials checked. And frankly, even with this new procedure, going through Customs and Immigration in Japan is a lot more pleasant an experience than even merely setting foot in any American airport. Now there's the fucking Gestapo.

Of course there's a certain ex-pat element in Japan (and probably other countries as well) that apparently has very little experience spending more than a few hours outside of their own family, friends, and neighborhood. You know, people who get all indignant when things in a foreign country are not exactly like whatever little shithole they were born in, and the people who live in a particular foreign country are not like the noble savages who served the white man so faithfully in all those old movies. The worst of these are assholes. The best of them, stupid. They both see anything, and I mean any fucking thing, that inconveniences them in the slightest as either a) a sign of the general "backwardness" of their surroundings, or b) a sure sign of the anti-foreign racism that runs rampant, rampant, I say, in this God-forsaken [oops, forgot about that one...] country...

They want to make "statements". Usually on other peoples' blogs. Not mine, thankfully. Just as an aside, however, I think if someone really wanted to make a political statement (as opposed to a stupid, irrational, mis-informed whine) about the fingerprinting and photographing of foreigners entering or re-entering Japan, he'd cut off his fucking fingers or something. I mean, come on, are you an activist or a whiner?

Anyway, perusing the web today I came across a couple of priceless comments regarding what I was talking about above. Names, etc. have been removed to protect the stupid.

--I Hate Japan So Much I Will Never Leave

A surprisingly common trope in these parts...

Heh. OK, fingerprinting foreigners is a) wrong, and b) dirty. I get the feeling this guy doesn't like leaving his house much. How the fuck he made it as far as Japan is a mystery. There's also a distinct possibility that he's here illegally (which is not something I really want to make light of, but if you're shooting off in the comment sections of blogs...).

--Fuck Japan, I'm going to Saudi Arabia

Sometimes you read shit that makes you open your mouth widely and look stupid:

"I have more freedoms [in Saudi Arabia] than I did in Japan." To each his own, I say, but sometimes you read something so breathtakingly stupid... This guy spent 11 years in Japan, and in 3 weeks decides he's "more free" in Saudi Arabia? So... I guess he can go to the church of his choice (or not), get a beer at the convenience store, talk to pretty girls on the street, complain about the political situation in Saudi Arabia, etc.? Probably not much.


I'm getting tired (tonight) of writing about this. You know, there's nothing wrong with saying you don't know about something. Seriously, ask Socrates. I fucking hate it when people write or comment stupidly about the sort of shit that I know about. I don't claim to be an "expert" on Japan (I'm definitely not), but I can usually tell shit from shinola. There's a lot of shit goin' round right now...


  1. Weird. I thought those kinds of people only lived here in Wyoming. Like my sainted Sicilian mother always used to say, "The first hen that cackled laid the egg."

  2. Oh, is this what you meant? My nephew got here yesterday, was down by the sea, put his rucksack down on a bench and stretched (he had been on a long train ride). A cop came along and told him it was a "no-stopping zone", my nephew refrained from saying "It's a bench, you're supposed to stop, dumbass".