Friday, October 03, 2008

Along Came a Spider

Fall in Miyazaki means spiders; lots of cool-looking spiders

Hey, I see that Maht at The Moon Topples is blogging again, and he's getting all Phoctober.


  1. These look very similar to the spiders you see in the Seychelles, same sort of size and body shape, only red instead of yellow. I'm taking it that these guys are pretty big?

  2. AV,
    This guy wasn't especially big (maybe the length of my little finger). There are some "wood" spiders here that are dark, leathery-looking things and are bigger than my hand (no kidding). They're completely harmless, but it can scare the living shit out of you to find one in your shoe!

  3. Erm, the length of your little finger is quite big enough! And yep, that's the same size as the Seychelle spiders.
    I have a hard enough time with the tarantulas around here, happily haven't bumped into one for ages, but something like what you're describing, the wood spider... OMG!

  4. G'day Kyklops! Came over for Phoctober. Spiders . . ah! Bigguns down here at the moment but nothing that a hobnail boot can't deal with. For some reason I never thought of big spiders in Japan . . .I'm a little odd that way. Great pic.