Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Etc.

There's no way I can top Eli's choice for a Christmas music video, so I won't even try. Here's Ozzy and Jessica Simpson:

Have fun and be safe, everyone!


  1. This is disturbing on multiple levels...

  2. Can you imagine the offspring?

  3. Aaauuuuurrrrggghhhh!

    What we won't do in order to earn enough money to be able to afford to pay our taxes. Did Ozzie actually stagger at one point in this video? At least, he put the carrot in the right spot.

  4. Salamaat,
    Merry Christmas, may you have a beautiful blessed day full of warm mushy memories and lots of love :)

  5. Glenn,
    Yeah, you wouldn't think Ozzy would need to be schmoozing like that. I think, though, that somewhere deep inside he's laughing at the absurdity of the whole thing...

    Thanks, I know you mean that in all sincerity, because you know what a mushy guy I really am!
    The funny thing is, I actually like a lot of things about Christmas: maintaining/renewing contact with family and friends, watching my daughter's face as she opens her presents from Santa Claus, and generally trying to be a bit nicer to everyone at least for a few days. Christmas in Japan is actually a bit stressful for me. For 40 years I was never anywhere but home with my parents and sisters at Christmas. The Japanese simply don't understand what Christmas means to me (and many others), just like I don't understand the significance of the New Year for them. This time of year is when I feel homesickness the most. Fortunately, thanks to my daughter, I've been able to start building some new "traditions"...

  6. Whatever holiday we celebrate during these days, they all come down to one simple thing: renewal. So pick up your new spirits and keep going. Merry Christmas!!